Understanding Sigil Magick

Sigil magick is a magical system found in chaos magick but often used independently. Chaos magick is an ancient practice that is not bound to any specific rituals or deities. In chaos magick, the practitioner places faith in himself, believing that all magick is the product of the psyche. Sigil magick is a form of chaos magick that uses symbols to bring about desired results whether they be for financial success, a better job or other desire. 

Sigil comes from a Latin word meaning seal, and the practice has been around for centuries. Throughout history, some sigils have been associated with the symbolic names of certain spirits. The representation of such names are written out and then crafted into a symbol drawn on paper or engraved on other material, such as runes. These representations have been used to evoke spirits or demons. One historic account of this refers to King Solomon’s sigils that were used to control demons. However, sigils are now mostly used as an aid to manifest the practitioner’s intention similar to a talisman.

Although sigils have been around since ancient times, British sorcerer Austin Osman Spare created a system of sigils produced by condensing the letters of the practitioner’s intent into a symbol. This system, called sigilization, is still used to create sigils today.

Sigils are created when a practitioner thinks about an intention and writes down a statement of intent. He crosses out all the vowels and any repeating consonants and then creates a symbol using the letters that are left. He can use any design or shape that appeals to him. Sigils are usually crafted on paper using ink, paint or marker. However, other materials may be used, such as wood. Once the sigil is created, the practitioner charges it with his energy. This can be done using meditation, blood, sexual energy or a declaration of his intent.

The practitioner should project the symbol into his mind’s eye by focusing intently on it during the release of energy, and then send it out into the universe and forget it. A simple way of destroying the sigil and releasing it to the cosmos is to burn the material (paper) in the flame of a candle.

The beliefs and uses of sigils varies widely among magickal practitioners. While most practitioners believe that the symbols need to be charged with the energy of the practitioner, others believe that sigils are powerful on their own. While some users of sigils believe they should be destroyed and forgotten, others have their sigils tattooed on their bodies.

How you choose to use your sigil is mainly a matter of preference. The magick lies in the intention of the symbol and what you have chosen it to represent. Like any other manifestation practice, a sigil is a tool used to help implant the desired results in the subconscious mind by passing the conscious doubts. The mind is the true foundation of any magickal practice.

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