Color Farm Media wants to Change the ‘face’ of Media

Actress Erika Alexander and investor Ben Arnon have come together to launch Color Farm Media. The new media company will use a multi-platform content delivery system that highlights television series, films, and digital projects featuring people of color.

In an interview with Alexander, she mentioned that the increased popularity of digital media delivery through the internet has created a vast audience for Color Farm Media. The audience which the co-founders fondly referred to as the New Majority is a diversified viewer base which consists of Black Americans, Asians, and Latinos. Alexander further described this target group as multi-generational, progressive, frank and a high spending class that watches television and films very often.

Erika Alexander_color farm media_ at Comic-Con 2012
Erika Alexander

In her analysis of the film and media industry, Alexander said that racial segregation against people of color was rife in the film and TV industries in the early turn of the century. However, with the recent upsurge of competing media companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, the works of talented media creators such as Shonda Rhimes, John Ridley, Steve McQueen and Ava Duvernay have flourished.

According to Alexander, the positive response of the New Majority is on a global scale; this multicultural audience is tired of sitting in the backstage, they are demanding to feature in shows. While the other networks are struggling for a change in paradigm, Color Farm Media delivers content in tandem with the demands of the audience, Alexander concluded.

“Hollywood does not have a choice; it will open up or perish. Fortunately for us, Hollywood is no longer the center of the cultural universe, ”Alexander continued. She said that savvy investors are seeking varieties of projects from media content creators to feed a fast-growing global market, and companies like Color Farm Media have a competitive edge in the market.

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