Wakanda Forever: A Salute and Symbol

The cultural impact of Marvel’s Black Panther movie continues to make itself known within the African diaspora. The latest sign comes in the form of the “Wakanda Forever” salute, which is now being used by celebrities, athletes, and many across social media.

A few questions come to mind as the salute’s popularity continues to rise. Is the “Wakanda Forever” double-fist-crossed-chest salute a new symbol for Black Power? Is it a new expression of solidarity within our community? Are these the official emojis for the salute 🙅🏾 🙅🏾‍♂️?

Regardless of whether the salute has staying power into the future, its use today is inspiring. It’s great to see us come together and rally behind a symbol of unity and empowerment. Here are some beautiful examples of the salute’s widespread adoption.

wakanda forever_black panther_Gael Monfils
via Gael Monfils Instagram
wakanda forever_black panther_Sachia Vickery
Sachia Vickery
wakanda forever_black panther_janelle monae
wakanda forever_black panther_Chadwick Boseman
via Getty / Jeff Kravitz
wakanda forever_black panther_Snoop Dogg
via Getty Images / Rich Polk

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